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How it works?

We will bring an Vizion M Portable xray machine and a state of the art digital xray panel that will acquire the highest quality of radiology exams by a licensed radiologic technologist. We can set up in any room at your facility that is at least 10 x 6 and has an electrical outlet. We can take up to 100 B- Read Chest x rays per day. We will have a licensed B-Read Radiologist read the exam and provide you with the results in normally just 1 day. We have flexible schedules and can work with your desired hours. We have the staff & technology, and experience to make the acquisitions of B-Read X Rays extremely easy.

How Is The Pricing?

We have the most affordable B-Read Pricing structure in the industry because of our utilization of the most offecinte Radiology Technology. Fr large groups we provide $50 X Rays and just $50 Radiology Interruptions. For pricing and scheduling Information Call Eric Martin at (317) 683-0521

What is B-read? Why do you need it?

A b-read is a part of a program known as the b-reader program, which classifies radiographs (chest x-rays) of the pneumoconiosis (a disease caused by dust inhalation.) B-readers are specifically trained radiologists or pulmonologists that identify various dust from industries across the spectrum cause pneumoconiosis. Examples of such dust include:

  • • Coal dust from mining
  • • Cotton dust from textile manufacturing
  • • Silica from sand and rock quarrying
  • • Asbestos fibers from insulation or roofing
  • • Beryllium
  • • Aluminum oxide
  • • Cobalt
  • • Talc

What is Pneumoconiosis?

Pneumoconiosis is a disease which settles in the lungs caused by the inhalation of dust and is most often associated with occupational lung disease. Unfortunately, pneumoconiosis develops over long periods of time, making it difficult to notice symptoms until dust particles have already entered the lungs. Typical symptoms include:

  • • Difficulty breathing
  • • Shortness of breath
  • • Persistent cough, often producing phlegm
  • • Tightness in the chest

How does it differ from a regular x-ray?

A b-read is a specific type of x-ray that looks for exposure and disease caused by silica and asbestos. One of the main differences from regular x-rays is the stringent protocols and systematic step-by-step evaluation that record any changes and abnormalities in/on chest x-ray caused by pneumoconiosis.

How PRS Can Help you?

Currently, there are around 300 NIOSH-certified b-readers. As a part of our silica services, Examinetics has several veteran b-readers who’ve performed thousands of evaluations. Moreover, we have access to a panel of b-readers who can provide further insight, meet the specific request of an employer or the requirements of the Mine Safety and Health.

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